UNIX Free Pascal


This function does the same

__stream:pfile):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

function getdelim(__lineptr:ppchar;__n:plongint;__delimiter:integer;

__stream:pfile):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Like `getdelim', but reads up to a newline. *)

function getline(__lineptr:ppchar;__n:plongint;

__stream:pfile):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Write a string to STREAM. *)

function fputs(__s:pchar;__stream:pfile):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

(* This function does the same as `fputs' but does not lock the stream. *)

function fputs_unlocked(__s:pchar;__stream:pfile):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Write a string, followed by a newline, to stdout. *)

function puts(__s:pchar):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Push a character back onto the input buffer of STREAM. *)

function ungetc(__c:integer;__stream:pfile):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Read chunks of generic data from STREAM. *)

function fread(__ptr:pointer;__size, n:longint;

__stream:pfile):longint;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Write chunks of generic data to STREAM. *)

function fwrite(__ptr:pointer;__size, n:longint;

__stream:pfile):longint;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Faster versions when locking is not necessary. *)

function fread_unlocked(__ptr:pointer;__size, n:longint;

__stream:pfile):longint;cdecl;external 'c';

function fwrite_unlocked(__ptr:pointer;__size, n:longint;

__stream:pfile):longint;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Seek to a certain position on STREAM. *)

function fseek(__stream:pfile;__off:longint;__whence:integer):longint;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Return the current position of STREAM. *)

function ftell(__stream:pfile):longint;cdecl;external 'c';

(* Rewind to the beginning of STREAM. *)

procedure rewind(__stream:pfile);cdecl;external 'c';

(* Clear the error and EOF indicators for STREAM. *)

procedure clearerr(__stream:pfile);cdecl;external 'c';


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