Системное программирование в UNIX средствами Free Pascal


Приложение Модуль stdio - часть 17

function isspace(c:integer):boolean;

function tolower(c:integer):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

function _tolower(c:integer):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

function toupper(c:integer):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

function _toupper(c:integer):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

function toascii(c:integer):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

(* transform date and time to broken-down time or ASCII *)

(* The ctime(), gmtime() and localtime() functions all take an argument of

   data  type  time_t which represents calendar time.  When interpreted as

   an absolute time value, it represents the  number  of  seconds  elapsed

   since 00:00:00 on January 1, 1970, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). *)

function ctime(var t:longint):pchar;cdecl;external 'c';

function ctime_r(var timep:longint;buf:pchar):pchar;cdecl;external 'c';

function gmtime(var timep:longint):ptm;cdecl;external 'c';

function gmtime_r(var timep:longint; result:ptm):ptm;cdecl;external 'c';

function localtime(var timep:longint):ptm;cdecl;external 'c';

function localtime_r(var timep:longint; result:ptm):ptm;cdecl;external 'c';

(* The asctime() and mktime() functions both take an argument representing

   broken-down time which is a representation separated into year,  month,

   day, etc. *)

function asctime(const t:ptm):pchar;cdecl;external 'c';

function asctime_r(const t:ptm;buf:pchar):pchar;cdecl;external 'c';

function mktime(t:ptm):longint;cdecl;external 'c';

function difftime(time1, time2:longint):double;cdecl;external 'c';

(* функции для работы с памятью *)

function calloc(nmemb, size:longint):pointer;cdecl;external 'c';

function malloc(size:longint):pointer;cdecl;external 'c';

procedure free(ptr:pointer);cdecl;external 'c';

function realloc(ptr:pointer; size:longint):pointer;cdecl;external 'c';


(* функции для работы с каталогами *)

function mkdir(pathname:pchar;mode:integer):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

function rmdir(pathname:pchar):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

function chdir(path:pchar):integer;cdecl;external 'c';

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